What People are Saying

“He has the rare and annoying habit of checking facts which is almost unheard of with today’s presidential philosophy of, ‘I can say anything’. Ron Bennington’s truly THE best.”

– George Schlatter

“As Groucho said when he met Steve Allen, “you’re too damn good”. You really are. I can’t spell it out in detail, but there’s something about you that a lot of them don’t have and hardly anybody that I know does.”

– Dick Cavett on Ron Bennington

“I went to Sirius radio and I did this show called Unmasked which is this long interview show, that’s really like one of the best interview shows I’ve ever been on, probably the best.”

– Penn Jillette about Ron Bennington

“This interview was hands down, wonderful, the best. I wish it didn’t end. I wish we had another two hours. So damn comfortable; so warm. Having a crowd there was really nice in the fish bowl. I had a great time. If you are remotely interested in my stuff, that’s an interview definitely worth listening to. I loved it; I had a blast; I was honored; and touched. The whole thing was really…I’m not even blowing smoke, it was cool. It was really really cool.”

– Kevin Smith on Ron Bennington

“You’re going to be known for, I don’t know how to explain it.. You’re a solo; you’re Coltrain; you’re your own thing. You’re an instrument that nobody else has figured out a way to play- and its effortless– but yet we all try to pick up our instruments and try to make it sound like you.”

– Jay Mohr about Ron Bennington

“Thank you to Ron Bennington for a solid hour of intelligent, insightful and sexy conversation. refreshing!”

– Sandra Bernhard

“THANK YOU for the most fun interview I ever had. Ron Bennington you’re a great comedy partner. Let’s tour. I bet I enjoyed it way more than all of you guys. What a blast! ”

– Paul Provenza,

“Thanks to everyone who listened to “unmasked”! Ronnie is theee best. Had a great time. Had no idea he had soo many listeners..yay….He’s seriously funny.”

– Kathleen Madigan about Ron Bennington

“I don’t know how you feel about me but I like you a lot, I respect you, I think you’re one of the smartest dudes I ever heard in my life.”

– Patrice Oneal on Ron Bennington

Peter Farrelly: “I have to tell you, we’ve done hundreds of interviews over the last 20 years and I can honestly say the Ron Bennington interview that we just did is probably my all time favorite.”

Bobby Farrelly: “I think I agree with you. Because he was incredibly prepared first of all. He knew all our stuff. But boy, he’s quick on his feet too. He asked a lot of pertinent questions.”

Peter Farrelly: “We didn’t get the same old ‘Who’s dumb and who’s dumber?’. He was smart, incisive and opened us up in a way that we don’t open up because we knew we were dealing with a really really smart guy.

The Farrelly Brothers